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Hello and welcome to my web site. It is dedicated to random stuff, stuff that I write and Open Source Projects and Consulting. And of course Hobbies

My Consulting includes: Hardware integration (embedded systems); Tablet/Phone development (Android and iOS); System development and automation; Web development (servers, backend, database); Large scale integration projects and more. My expertise as a software architect is ideal for projects that cross disciplines, architectures/platforms, programming languages and more.

Scott Penrose is a perl hacker with an interest in home automation. He has been playing with electronics since he has been old enough to burn his fingers with a soldering iron. His first job was working with 6800 embedded CPUs in the early 90s. During the development of his solar powered house in 2000 he knew that the only way to be safe and not damage the batteries would be to fully automate the power and lighting throughout his home. Scott has continued hardware hacking on a causal basis, building musical toys, helping with the design and building of a sophisticated glide computer and design and embedded coding for buoys to measure waves in ice in the Antarctic. Although his day job involves programming complicated CPUs, mostly under Linux, he has retained a passion of for simplicity and feels that the Arduino meets those requirements.

Scott's work with NIWA on Sea Ice has been published in Nature. He will be going to Scott base in Antarctica in November 2014 to test new set of equipment for deployment next year.

http://www.daddycrumbs.com/Nature/Fire-fencing/P1000308/585389960_m4XnD-S.jpg Fire Fencing

What is new right now: Instrument1, Tracking, Wave

Software can be found: Perl Module, ExtJS, Zaltana and Arduino

Big projects: Moxie Reader

I have Amanda Penrose to thank for my beautiful design. And I have Teha to thank for bringing back my childhood.

So who am, and why would you want to be here? I write software software.

Who Am I

My name is Scott Penrose and I live and work in Melbourne, Australia. You can find out more about me in Category Attributes and About.



You can see my old design here - http://linux.dd.com.au/styles/2000s/

Other Sites

That I run/maintain (content or software or both).

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