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Scott is an expert software developer with over 30 years experience, specialising in education, automation and remote data.

This page is poorly named advantech. Really my experience here is with a single Advantech board in a system called the Wizard B2B2C - Really an Advantech Wafer 5820-233.


  • Case / Package = Wizard B2B2C
  • Board = Advantech Wafer 5820-233
  • Processor = 233Mhz Cyrix
  • Memory = 32MB SO Dimm (only one, but can go to 128MB)
  • Serial = 2 * RS232. One can be used as RS 485 with auto directional switching
  • Parallel Port
  • IDE Controller = Laptop style
  • Floppy Controller = Laptop style
  • USB = 2 * USB 1.0 (have had reports that the plug is wired wrong, but mine works ok).
  • VGA = Shared memory style with Cyrix chip.
  • LCD = Internal LCD interface, two types
  • IRDA = Have not tried the IRDA yet, and have read some thing suggesting that you must sacrifice one of the serial ports, and others saying you don't have to.
  • Audio = Mic in, Headphone out, standard in, standard out. Boxes don't come with the connectors, but easy to make or buy.
  • Disk on chip = have not tired it yet, but plan to. Reports that it will do up to 128MB which would be very handy.
  • Power = 5V DC regulated input - comes with switched mode, laptop style adapters. I run mine off my large batteries at home using DC-DC converters. Consumption is between 1 and 4 amps, depending on peripherals and current load. Translates to between 5 and 25 watts.

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  • Maximum Ram = 128MB (single SO DIMM)


  • Embedded