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Altair Pro Glide computer and display !

The Altair is a glide computer based on the open source XCSoar plus an amazing hardware platform and software additions. It is not only easy to use but fully readable in direct sunlight and large enough to read more easily than a PDA and small enough to fit into a Glider Cockpit.

Add an approved logger and battery backup - this is a very valuable addition to gliding.

John Wharington developed this with Triadis engineering and is one of the primary developers of XCSoar and designer of Vega

XCSoar 6.x

Notes on using XCSoar 6.x with Altair (and Vega).

Your USBKey should now look like this:



Some important notes:

Altair / Vega Configuration:

Special Configuration

Removing the menu item text labels (that don't line up) has been waiting approval in the code, until it is approved, you can do it your self by using the following XCI (XCSoar Input File).


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