Apple's Time Machine is NOT a full Backup

I have been impressed with time machine, but I have not had to use it in anger until my new laptop arrived (April 2009).

Plugging in and installing, it asked me to use my external disk for Time machine. I plugged it in, and it found my image and restored my machine.

Interesting that I found one of my VMware images missing - can't account for that one.

Then I started finding other issues:

  • The developers tools I had installed was not recovered
  • Safari 4 was replaced with Safari 3
  • Time machine was not enabled
  • Mobile me did not have syncing enabled (this one caught me out and screwed up the syncing on my iPhone and Mac pro when enabled - doubling all phone and calendar entries).

So... the lesson - it is not a complete disk backup, but it is likely to cover all your important data (well in my limited experience).