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A quick test / terminal Arduino I built.


I also built another one for Ethernet - see Arduino EthernetLCD

Hardware Build

http://www.daddycrumbs.com/Electronics/Arduino-Projects/i-Ngg24x9/0/S/IMG0023-S.jpg http://www.daddycrumbs.com/Electronics/Arduino-Projects/i-6Sms5TR/0/S/IMG0024-S.jpg

This is rough, as I did not have much time - but it does the job. Nice thing is it is very easy to change, open etc. I can even leave it open with metre connected.

Hardware is:

For this project I also need to add:

Analog Input to LCD

To get the values for the analog resistor network for my buttons, I wrote up this quick sketch.

#include <xxx.h>

Using ButtonEvent

See Arduino EBL

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