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(I am sure I had notes on low power?)

Lowering Power

There is lots of things you can do to lower power. Normal power on my Arduino Mega is about 50mA. And I have had it as low as 0.8 mA (800uA). And I have been told that is 600uA of just Regulator quiescent current loss. Quite a variety.

Special hardware and software you can get down to < 2uA !


Software - AVR Power

Software - Sleep

Checkout Rocket Scream library. Not only great little library, but really nice people. http://www.rocketscream.com/blog/2011/07/04/lightweight-low-power-arduino-library/

Problem - Serial.begin

Just doing a Serial.begin on one of my devices lifts my sleep current from <1mA to 18mA... yet Serial.end(), or even setting the pins as output, low don't seem to work.