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Today (April 2007) I purchased the Asus EeePC 701 (4GB SSD, 512MB Ram, 7" Screen).


My Mac book suffered a major drenching which you can see in MacBorg. In the mean time I needed a new computer. The EEE PC offered a small lightweight computer per very low price which meet my needs until my other computer gets repaired. That in itself is not enough to make the purchase I am also very interested in using these machines for educational purposes especially considering their weight and lack of moving parts.

It is also perfect for updating hardware like my Glider Computers (FLARM, Altair and Vega).


the new EEE PC has been announced and will be available within the next few months. In the new machine has a larger screen five times larger storage and twice as much memory available. However it is likely to cost almost twice as much as this machine.

The limited storage space of 4 GB is the main problem with this machine. screen resolution is acceptable as is performance and the main memory of 512 MB. The 4 GB limit is somewhat fixed by large sized SD memory cards. For example you can install Windows XP on a single 4GB Card.

The keyboard, although small is quite usable even by my large fingers.


Yep it is a development machine. I have installed Arduino IDE and successfully compiled and developed Arduino software - very cool. A tiny development environment for less than 1KG.

Now I can turn up to my brothers with Instrument1 and make changes on the fly with this setup.

Kids / Education

The keyboard, weight, no moving parts are all excellent for kids and education. The screen size on the 7" models though is too small. Having the 9" (or what ever it is, 8.9?) and the proper resolution of 1024x768 (need to check that) makes all the difference, especially for Web sites and Flash games expecting it.

As for memory - well kids are always going to loose their computer / disk / key or what ever it might be. But the EeePC is so small you can back up the whole thing to a key and keep that key at school. Or we can encode an ID onto the key and insert the key into a central computer for backup at the teachers desk or even in the locker rooms. Insert key, wait until light goes green, remove.

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