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No... not the programming language.

Some muggins spent an hour taking photos of the Warrandyte Festival without first checking his ISO. A fantastic set of close up photos using the Canon 7D and 60mm macro lens are almost useless, due to high grain and high depth of field (the close ups really loose quality when when the backgrounds are in focus).

Thus I applied my gliding checklist principle to my camera. I.e. make up a check list that ends up being a word.

I wrote down my initial list, and completetly by accident came up with a perfect accronym.

B.A.S.I.C. My photography basic checklist.


I don't have an acronym for this one yet, but here is some requirements for an advanced list.

Maybe - QEB - Quality Exposure Bracketing


No acronym yet but here is a list for movie, specifically DSLR Canon D7 movie.

Maybe - MASH - Manual Aperture Shutter How many frames?

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