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We all backup right ? Here is my strategies...

TODO - Update with 2011 information. See Also Cloud Backup



Use an IMAP server. Keep everything on that server. Get your mail program (Mail.app or Thunderbird etc) to cache a local copy of the emails for searching.

Code & Documents

Use a version control system such as Subversion. Distributed version control is very popular now, as it should be, but one thing about distributed version control - your copy still needs to be stored somewhere. Use Subversion ! (As of about 2011 I use GIT).

I have a "home" folder in my home directory which is then structured into client, project and other folders with a nice logical and backed up structure. Put in as much as you can.


I use [[Aperture?]] to store and manage my photos on my main Apple workstation. This applies to folder structures and other methods:


Personal from a camera.

This one needs further thought.


Workstations & Laptops

Any way you can. Rsync is good. Apple Time Machine if you have that.

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