Scott Penrose


Scott is an expert software developer with over 30 years experience, specialising in education, automation and remote data.

Bikes... too many... maybe not.

  • Mountain Bike - 1995, new $700 - now at French Island permanently
  • Hybrid - 2005, cash converts $100 - used to take the kids (trailer and bike seat)
  • Hybrid (with internal 7 gear hub), cash converters $200 - now at Benalla permanently
  • Folding bike - 2009, new $350 - where ever I need it :-)
  • 29R (mountain bike) - 2011, new $1100 - ridden most days around Panton Hill (usually about 30 minutes).

Why so many bikes (this is what I am asked, especially when I asked for the 29R for my 40th birthday).

  • 2 are not at home, they are on location
  • 1 is a folding bike, really only suitable for short trips, but the only thing I can easily take in the car
  • 1 is just for the kids. It is not a good bike, quite old, needs work, and useless on the dirt roads - but great to take the kids on bike tracks.
  • 1 is what I ride to get fit.