Scott Penrose


Scott is an expert software developer with over 30 years experience, specialising in education, automation and remote data.

Started to use May 2009 - love it so far. Here are a few notes of what is really necessary to make it more useful to me:

See my comments on Plex vs Boxee

What I want

  • Movie list via:
    • Genre - With over 1000 movies, really need to sort by genre
    • Actor - the info is there, how cool would it be to link through to other movies with that actor
  • Search
    • Too many movies - search would be good - type in first couple of letters or similar
  • Bookmark
    • Menus are VERY deep - Video, Internet, XYZ (e.g. Previews), Genre, Top 5, ABC Movies !
    • Now I want to show Amanda the preview - how to find it again?
    • Or I find a talk I really want to watch on Ted's talks - how can I mark it to come back later?
  • Continue from last play
    • Half way through a movie I have to stop - e.g. to allow Teha to watch something
    • I want to go back to where I was up to
  • Authenticated RSS feeds
  • Metadata for Region
    • I believe that more than 90% of the content on things like Hulu are blocked in Australia
    • Therefore I have to try 10 things to watch one - and there is no way of knowing
    • A quick bit of Metadata saying - region, on either the feed, or the entry would be nice.

What is cool

  • Interface
    • Best remote control interface I have tried - very intuitive
  • DivX support (probably should be happy about FFMpeg here)
    • I have had problems with DivX playing, this seems to work great (I don't like DivX, long live mp4)
  • Matching movies
    • Some of the title matching has been amazing !
  • TV Show groupings
    • I have a collection of Goodies episodes recorded from VHS - Boxee took titles such as "London tower" and used the directory "Goodies" to know that it was Goodies London Tower and automatically put it into the right season and episode number.
    • But why doesn't it do all that magic for movies !

  • HTPC