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CDN - Common Delivery Network

The concept of a CDN, or common delivery network is excellent. It is about getting content close to your customer, and giving the job of doing this to someone else - both ideal solutions for 99% of busy web sites.

However they are insanely expensive to setup. They have been built for large companies like Apple. So are there alternatives?

The slower network link

We often trade flexibility or performance and features (CPU/Memory/Disk) for network bandwidth or consumption (total usage). The solution - use two service providers. One with lower network speed (e.g. an ADSL link) and one with less features but higher speed (e.g. a large ISP offering shared Apache services).

This is your very own CDN (only without the advantage of location) - but it does increase the speed of your site for the user.

Common URI

This is the holy grail of ideas that has been around since the early 90s. Why can't resources have a common URI. There has been many schemes to do so. None have been successful. But the concept is good. Have a look at http://CacheFile.net/

My Solution

Contact me to talk about my solution to this problem, including some custom Apache Filters to allow easy setup with no changes to your existing setup and content.

Free Methods

See ExtJS for a cache of ExtJS and other javascript libraries.

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