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Scott is an expert software developer with over 30 years experience, specialising in education, automation and remote data.

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Friends and Family 1.1 My Most BeautifulContents

Amanda Jane Penrose is my beautiful wife. She is a full time graphics web designer. She works for Fraynework who is owned by the Sisters of Mercy. Amanda loves to develop graphics, her long term desire is to produce graphics (or CGI) for movies.

Amanda's talent in producing graphics is improving at an amazing rate. My favorite piece at the moment is one she did in the Christmas 2001 break - Liliana???.

You can see Amanda's web site at 2 At HomeContents 2.1 My HomeContents

Amanda and I have built a mudbrick house at Panton Hill, Victoria, Australia. It is an octagon two story house with half of downstairs under ground. Upstairs is one large room where we have our Kitchen, Living Room and Office.

Our house has Solar Hot Water, Solar Power (which make up for about 2/3 of our power consumption or more over a year), internet connection, phone system and a varying amount of automation (I am always changing things). You can see more about my house in Quests. 2.2 Bosco the wonder dogContents

Bosco is our puppy. Well, becoming a Dog very quickly. He is a pure bread Pembroke corgi (and no that does not make us monachists :-) 3 ToysContents 3.1 My CarContents

I own a Toyota Prius - which is a hybrid electric car. Hybrid is a term used to indicate a normal petrol car with an extra form of propoltion on top of the standard internal combustion engine.

Although these cars have been available in the US and Japan for over a year, they have only just become available (Nov 2001) in Australia. Currently we get about 800km per tank of fuel (40 lt). This is about 4.6 - 5.2 (depending on the week) liters per 100Km. They are a beautiful car, smooth to drive, very little fuel, all the luxuries and very comfy. 3.2 My Electric ScooterContents

I live 40Km from the city and my work, therefore it is rare that I bike ride in from home (as it takes me two hours...). This means that most of the time we must drive. However once in the city I prefer to avoid any driving and thus I purchased an Electric Scooter. Originally I purchased this in San Diego CA, U.S.A. to reduce my Taxi Bill on an 11 day visit last year (2001). This has proven to be a most excellent decision. Not only can I travel around the city (which I do a lot, picking up electrical equipment, visiting friends, playing Squash with my brother Brooke) but I can do it much faster than you can by car or by tram or by walking.

Scooters are not suited to really long trips, but anything about 1 to 10Km is ideal. The distance of my scooter is around about 20Km - or about 1 hours battery life at that speed. In reality it totally depends on hills and how often I have to stop. Of course if it goes flat, I can still scoot to where I need. 3.3 My OrganisersContents 3.3.1 iPaqContents 3.3.2 ZaurusContents 4 ProgrammingContents 4.1 Linux Users Victoria - Open Source DirectoryContents

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