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This is really a discussion on cheap vs quality...

The Chainsaw

I have chainsaws. One good one an Echo, and a no name cheapy.



The GOOD case is actually much worse than that. You will need spare parts (with 5 of the other units, you have spares); maintenance with a service is probably more than once in 10 years (although you can do lots yourself); chains and bars - you are likely to at least go through more than one chain each 3 years. Look at the chains/bars !

Financially - CHEAP chainsaw is FAR better off.


My experience with the maintenance of both my good and cheap chainsaw is that my cheap chainsaw usually requires a little more work to get going. eg. fixing the air filter which kept falling off. Tightening bolts (which tend to be put on without much lock tight).


I have heard lots of people complain about the starting of CHEAP chainsaws. Personally both my good and cheap one have the same number of pulls and starting process.


Not sure...



At the time... if I can afford it... I want to help the environment.

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