This is really a discussion on cheap vs quality...

The Chainsaw

I have chainsaws. One good one an Echo, and a no name cheapy.


  • Cheap chainsaw = $120 delivered, with two bars and chains
  • Good one (a Stihl) same size = $600 not delivered, one bar and one chain


    • Purchase one every 2 years. 10 years = $600
    • Interest - only paying $120 every 2 years, so saving (can't be bothered working it out exactly)
    • Maintenance = $0 - when it breaks, move on to next one
    • Bar/Chain = $0 - got two, that is one bar a year. (10 chains, 10 bars)
    • Total = $600 over 10 years
  • GOOD
    • Purchase one, and it lasts 10 years = $600
    • Interest - $600 in advance, that is $480 you don't have in the first 2 years...
    • Maintenance = $200 every 5 years = $200 (probably much higher)
    • Bar/Chain = $110 every 3 years (could be more) = $330 (4 chains, 4 bars)
    • Total = $1130 or higher

The GOOD case is actually much worse than that. You will need spare parts (with 5 of the other units, you have spares); maintenance with a service is probably more than once in 10 years (although you can do lots yourself); chains and bars - you are likely to at least go through more than one chain each 3 years. Look at the chains/bars !

Financially - CHEAP chainsaw is FAR better off.


My experience with the maintenance of both my good and cheap chainsaw is that my cheap chainsaw usually requires a little more work to get going. eg. fixing the air filter which kept falling off. Tightening bolts (which tend to be put on without much lock tight).


I have heard lots of people complain about the starting of CHEAP chainsaws. Personally both my good and cheap one have the same number of pulls and starting process.


Not sure...


  • Buying a GOOD chainsaw = 1, not 5
  • CHEAP = 5 times as much rubbish, more if you count the bars and chains
  • GOOD = supporting local maintenance and parts people
  • CHEAP = 5 times as much delivery, and steel etc - not just rubbish but the components going into it in the first place.
  • GOOD = Better fuel usage and less emissions (although emissions from a chainsaw are tiny for the use I have compared to cars etc)


At the time... if I can afford it... I want to help the environment.