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The deployment page talks in great detail about configuration and settings, and using Mod Rewrite etc. I have had 100% success so far using just one line in Apache:

ScriptAlias /api /var/www/X/api/public/dispatch.fcgi
ScriptAlias /thing /var/www/X/thing/public/dispatch.fcgi

And I seem to be able to install lots of different services all running at once. This is because I am using FCGI not the Mod Perl method, which has a bug causing collision of paths.

This works, it seems fast, what am I missing?

Yes there are other solutions, nginx sprints to mind. But a simple Apache install with one line is very appealing.

Gotcha !

public directory

So, you don't want public directory. Do not do 'set public => undef' - then you are setting your public directory to unrestricted, now /etc/passwd will happily return your /etc/passwd file ! don't do it.

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