Scott Penrose

Electric Scooter

Scott is an expert software developer with over 30 years experience, specialising in education, automation and remote data.

I live 40Km from the city and my work, therefore it is rare that I bike ride in from home (as it takes me two hours...). This means that most of the time we must drive. However once in the city I prefer to avoid any driving and thus I purchased an Electric Scooter. Originally I purchased this in San Diego CA, U.S.A. to reduce my Taxi Bill on an 11 day visit last year (2001). This has proven to be a most excellent decision. Not only can I travel around the city (which I do a lot, picking up electrical equipment, visiting friends, playing Squash with my brother Brooke) but I can do it much faster than you can by car or by tram or by walking.

Scooters are not suited to really long trips, but anything about 1 to 10Km is ideal. The distance of my scooter is around about 20Km - or about 1 hours battery life at that speed. In reality it totally depends on hills and how often I have to stop. Of course if it goes flat, I can still scoot to where I need.