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For 18 years (1991) I have been running email servers, mostly on linux (1993+).

In that time I have run 100s of domains on my owns servers, and over 5000 domains, and over 1 million accounts on my own developed SMTP/POP system SINA.

Finally it has come the time when I no longer want to run my own mail server.

Preferred Solutions


Simple and single accounts

Larger - how your own domains


My preference now is 01.com

I have migrated a number of domains to 01.com and a few to google apps. The migration to 01.com takes far less time, mainly due to the ease of creation and accounts. In Google you have to log into each user one at a time, go through their acceptance process, before you even get to their settings page to enable IMAP to do the sync.

Also with Google, when we have had to validate domains or a few other minor tasks, we have to just wait and hope it works, where as with 01.com it is checked by a person, and if we are unsure we can have them check it again.

There is no complaint or problem with google, I am just enjoying the ease of Zimbra at 01 and the friendly and supper fast support they have been providing.

My requirements


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