Scott Penrose


Scott is an expert software developer with over 30 years experience, specialising in education, automation and remote data.

  • Expert Perl (programming since 1993 - 20 years)
  • Expert XSLT (large projects since 1999)
  • Advanced experience in C/C++, VisualBASIC, Javascript, Java
  • Expert Javascript including large projects in ExtJS and my own framework Zaltana
  • GIS (Geographic Information Systems) including: Mapserver, Geoserver, GeoExt, OpenLayers and more.
  • Weather and Environment: Extensive experience in WRF, NCL and lots of other Weather and Environment systems. Vapor.
  • Good experience in PHP, Python, Ruby
  • Relational database expert, including: PostgreSQL, MySQL and Oracle
  • Embedded database - SQLite
  • HTML, CSS and Javascript expert, including: AJAX and advanced Javascript programming
  • Security especially web applications
  • Apache - configuration, administration and development (C and mod_perl)
  • Version control, packaging and build control systems including: CVS, Subversion, Git and Debian Packaging.
  • Special internet applications: Zimbra, Trac
  • Linux system engineer including kernel development
  • Web Performance and CDN
  • Embedded systems including Linux Embedded and Atmel and ARM
    • IoT and Motes
    • Expert C++ development
    • Proficient hardware design and integration
    • Competent electronics
    • Physical hardware building (physical builds & cases, remote control, plane and car integration)
    • IMU, Special ADC & DAC, Satellite comms, GPS, Wifi, Ethernet and more.
    • Expert at cold conditions, and rugged environment including Antarctica and MIZ (Marginal Ice Zone deployment).
    • Expert at local radio integration including 433 and 915 Mhz radios - custom mesh networks and long distance (10-40km).
  • Building Teams
  • Mobile development: Sencha Touch; Titanium; Objective C.
  • AWS - Amazon Web Services, including S3, SimpleDB, EC2 and more.
  • NodeJS including integration with mobile web apps
    • Express JS, Loopback.IO, Node-Red
  • Distributed database, in memory database, more... - memcached, CouchDB, Redis, MongoDB
  • Large scale clusters - MPI, Torque, automatic task scheduling and dependencies...
  • Mobile development: iOS (iPhone, iPad), Android, Pocket PC
  • Estimates

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