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Australian Government Internet Filtering

The Australian Government is working on a filtering solution for the whole of Australia. The reason they quote is to protect illegal content such as child pornography.

Is the government going to filter encrypted data - no of course not. Are they going to block all ports except unencrypted HTTP, no of course not. Therefore the government will be putting in place only a system that effects legitimate traffic.

Will their system be effective in stopping or reducing child pornography - no - ZERO EFFECT !

So we have seen that there is no positive effect of the filtering. Is there a negative one. Yes unfortunately.

Effective filtering can be done with software at the end computer. It requires that a computer be controlled by an adult. What is done, what is installed. Without that adult control, some local filtering techniques you do not have effective filtering. Central filtering is a waste of resources and is damaging to the industry and individuals.

Please don't try and turn the Internet into a baby sitter. We have effective techniques (combined with adult supervision) right now. Use them wisely and stop expecting big brother to take the control.

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