All about Fuppes on my Drobonet

My Teac 42" Plazma died last week, after just over 5 years of service (and warranty) so we purchased a new Samsung LED (side lit) TV (which is using about a 3rd the power - horrah).

And to my delight I discovered an ethernet port. A little digging and I found out it is a standard called DLNA (which I had not heard about, having a 5 year old TV).

Turns out my Drobo share can have FUPPES installed.

The bad (rather unusually first):

  • No way to see the configuration or get info from Drobo on how to
    • The drobo web app does not have a link to config, nor the information bar
    • You have to do a search on the internet for FUPPES to even know where to start
    • Why doesn't the Drobo Apps site have a short paragraph saying: "Once installed, go to this URL to configure".

The good (once installed and directory setup):

  • It just works !
    • UPDATE NOPE Very bad - not one of my movies (mostly MP4 of various types) are supported by the TV. Apparently they all have to be exactly the resolution of the TV or something crazy !
  • Samsung TV found the box instantly
  • It seems to play all the movies I have tried so far.