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Scott Penrose is a perl hacker with an interest in home automation. He has been playing with electronics since he was old enough to burn his fingers with a soldering iron.

Git Tools List

List remote repositories by name. This follows the Git Add convention of names to get me a list.

  • "key" - list repos, and clone URLs for all repos on my USB key, automatically handling different mount points across operating systems.
  • "s3" - list S3 repos (TODO)
  • "github" - list github repos matching my id
  • "bak" - list repos on my SSH server

If I am not sure if I have already got a git copy of ExtJS, I just type "git_list bak" and can see ExtJS as a repo on my bak server (I keep upstream copies of code in git for comparisons, and easy local copies). Now I just "git clone X" where I cut/paste the repo URL.

TODO: Probably add a git_clone command to allow me to type, "git_clone bak ExtJS".

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