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Git Update Shared

Scott Penrose is a perl hacker with an interest in home automation. He has been playing with electronics since he was old enough to burn his fingers with a soldering iron.

Git Tools Update Shared

My Git page talks about how to share a repository of git content on a share disk with non-Git users and a local repo. This is a useful arrangement I have for sharing things like network spreadsheets, or working with non-GIT users. All I have to do is type "git_update_shared SharedRepo" and local and remote changes are now synced nicely - effectively the same as doing a "git commit -m ...; git pull; git push" on both the remote and local with some extras.

It then reports any new files added on the shared system, which currently have to be manually handled.

TODO: Have a .xgit_shared file name to allow options such as automatically adding all new files, or not allowing remove, or automatic renaming.

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