Well I have become a glider pilot. That is probably a little strong since I have just started and done a grand total of 1 solo on the 19th of Feb 2005. But I am on my way :-)

Now - April 2008 - I have done almost 200 hours.

I have some pictures and I am working on my first week story - coming soon.

I am a member of Gliding Club of Victoria - http://www.glidingclub.org.au/

  • [[Going_for_Solo?]] - the course that started it all
  • [[Mount_Beauty?]]

Glider Pilots Rock

Eye Candy

  • TODO link to movies - e.g. http://www.glidingclub.org.au/movies/
  • TODO Flight logs online
  • TODO First Cross Country, Cross Country Course, XXX
  • TODO add link to cross country flights
  • TODO add links to GCV Flight lists and WikiGlide site.

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