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Be ware using Goo.GL URL Shortening. Google has been blocking short URLs as SPAM. This has happened to a legitimate URL to fill in a job offer. Filling in the "Incorrectly marked spam" has no effect, there is no response from Google and I strongly suspect it is ignored.

The idea of filling in a "This is spam" entry is a good idea. But after it has been marked as such, the blocking page should show you the original URL. This gives the user the choice to continue. This is just like the Phishing sites blocked by Chrome, you can choose to continue. This should be the case here too.

Google could easily resolve this by putting the URL on the page, and even not making it a link, so that a user, if they choose to continue would have to cut and paste.

The only other comment I would make is - don't use URL shortening unless you must (e.g. Twitter posts)... you are taking a perfectly good permeant URL, and making a temporary version. And putting your hands in a company you can't communicate with.


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