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Human Interface Design 2011

Two really obvious interface design problems. I might extend the list later, but these are the ones that bother me today.

Toyota Prius - Heated seats

The heated seats button is up/down. The top button is the left seat, the right button is the bottom seat. Although I know that usually top = left, and bottom = right - as we read left/right, top, down, I end up having to check on the drawing above the buttons each time. What is worse is they are in a space where there is no light, and you usually use heated seats in the morning or night when it is dark.

All this could be solved...

MAKE THE BUTTONS HORIZONTAL - then the left button is the left seat, right button is right seat - pretty obvious really.

Mac OS X Lion - View Full Screen

To hide a mac app you go to the application menu and click hide. The application menu is the one with the application name - e.g. Safari.

Now Apple has created full screen apps and where did the button go? In the View menu? WHY ?

And worse, the button is not "Command-F" as it currently is with Quicktime, DVD Player, Boxee and others, it is something like Control-Command-F. - Why?

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