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Lots of people ask me how I pay so much for hardware. Those people are generally not developers :-)

Here is my basic break of items I use as a company, with a break down to approximate monthly costs. Rounded to approximate value; costs are ones I don't charge out, ie sunk costs that effectively are against my wages.

Monthly services:

Now hardware:

I purchase a new laptop every 18 months - and the number above assumes I get nothing back for the old unit.

My last purchase for a desktop was actually 6 years ago, which would half that number above to $75/month - that said, it is more likely that I normally upgrade each 3 years.

So yes - $5000 is lots of money to spend on a desktop. Compared to my communications expenses etc, it is not. I could half the amount I spend on a desktop - saving $75/month. Or drink one coffee less per day :-) (coffee $3.50 * 5 days per week * 4.2 weeks = $73.50).

If you want to save money - look at your service bills, not your hardware.

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