Scott Penrose


Scott is an expert software developer with over 30 years experience, specialising in education, automation and remote data.

Interesting and important video produced by talking about wastage in horses in horse racing. The message, the slaughter, the waste, the fact the industry itself should be dealing with the omes for the horse, the fact it is killing so many. This is important message.

Unfortunately it has then backed this message by disturbing footage of horse being killed point blank by a rifle.


They follow that up with footage of the animal being bled and cut up. This is so they can use the meat in dog food, again, reducing waste.

The fact that they are killing so many, wasting, is important.

Think about some of the words used. They emphasise the "Point Blank" - should the person stand back and take approximate pot shots. Point blank is best. That technique is also used on wild animals hurt on our roads by rangers, and is endorsed by RSPCA.

As an owner of horses I have, over the past 30 years, lost 3 horses. All three were extremely old. All three died effectively of old age. (BTW. One of them was an ex race horse). The first did pass, with me, of very old age. Probably in the end of pneumonia in his last few days. The second and third though got very sick, one didn't get up at all, the other lost lots of weight and mucus out of his nose. I am not cruel, so I did the best thing, I had them put down - a nice way of saying killed humanely. How do they do that - a very very nice and compassionate man comes along and when you are ready (I always have to turn away) he humanely shoots the horse right in the brain. Yes his body twitches after, there is blood, and the only way to move him afterwards (remember they way 500kg or more) is to drag them by neck or leg.

I think their cause is important. I think their sensationalising the humane way to kill the animal is bloody stupid and makes me then question the organisation.