Scott Penrose


Scott is an expert software developer with over 30 years experience, specialising in education, automation and remote data.

Identity is important. I want to be how do I do this:

  • Avatar
  • Web site
  • Email
  • Instant messaging
  • File sharing
  • SSO
  • Social networking


An image, of me, that follows me around. It is much easier to see an iconic form than written. Just a flash down a list of comments on a blog and I can see people I know far faster than I can read their names.

See also Avatar

  • CURRENT = Multiple
    • Some form of Meta tag on my own site that points to my Avatar
    • Ability to cache these - e.g. Can still use gravatar or similar

Web Site

Not perfect, but I can translate "user@" to "user."

Most of my geek friends would have their own domain. This solution does not scale very well. If your preferred identity is, then where is my web site. It is at least possible then to be Companies can take advantage of this. Each can then have as their web site.


  • Blog
  • Wiki
  • Photo sharing
    • Running on: Linux, Apache, Oddmuse
    • Meets requirements:
      • Web page - YES
      • Blog - YES (sort of, I prefer Wiki and Dates)
      • RSS - YES
      • Photo sharing - NO
  • TO TRY
    • Currently fairly close...


Thanks to Microformats you can now add information you would like to share publicly on your website, using any web site software, even static HTML.


Want to have a blog, share the blog with others. This is already standard. Use RSS and you can share your blog without needing to depend on any particular software, vendor etc.

HTML Headers / Meta tags

TODO (allow About me, Contact, and other direct links)


This is pretty much a given. And thanks to MX records, we don't even need to host our email with any other service. It is unfortunately that this is not really true for any other service (there are some exceptions).

    • Hosted externally (currently commercial)
    • Currently meets my ideal solution

Instant Messaging

XMMP/Jabber. Perfect for everything except voice/video. Currently I still have to have XMMP client and Skype client running. Looking forward to not needing skype.

Fortunately XMMP supports SRV records in DNS. This means you can in theory host your XMMP service somewhere else, just like you do with your email.

    • Hosted externally
    • NOT MY IDENTITY !!! Need to fix this.

Social Networking


File sharing


Media sharing - aka Photos, Video

This falls into two spaces:

  • Public or Private albums - Web site or similar
  • Sharing / Discussing photos on Social Networks - See Social Networking

Single Sign On

Woow... this is a big topic.

Facebook connect / Google etc

Central is out... I want to use my own id, not depend on any 3rd party, be completely decentralised, open competitive market etc.

Open ID



Very powerful, too restrictive, not really an open solution for integrating everyone in the world.



Browser ID


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