Scott Penrose

Kids Keyboard

Scott Penrose is a perl hacker with an interest in home automation. He has been playing with electronics since he was old enough to burn his fingers with a soldering iron.

Cold and wet.... not going flying... finish kids keyboard.

After the kids dropped the wireless mac keyboard and broke it, then dropped a few times the Logitech Remote keyboard I decided they needed one of their own. A kids rugged keyboard. Original test was a bluetooth module and a numchuck. This version though is a USB keyboard using a Teensy.

What amazed me is how easy the whole project was. It took me about 1 hour to build the box (drilling the holes for 8 buttons and joystick, soldering them up), and about another hour for the software (while infront of the warm fire place).



Source Code


  • Multiple modes - e.g. Games vs TV
  • Games - either USB input, or directly off
  • Bluetooth / Wireless (including battery and charger)

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