"Man Sues Google for Defamation"


"They have to take some responsibility for what passes through their search systems." Christopher Dibb, barrister for Mr Trkulja

OK So where does it stop:

  • Should the internet service provider take responsibility
  • Telephone company
  • Owner of the cables connecting anywhere between your computer and the server
  • What about the manufacturer of the Wireless access point?
  • The operating system
  • The web browser
  • Owner of the house you are sitting in at the time of reading, maybe the cafe
  • Government for owning the air

Save us from stupidity.

Are they seriously expecting a service to be responsible for what automatically passes through.

Let us take a blog poster

  • Blog post writes something bad - well deserving of such a ruling
  • Owner of the blog site (e.g. Facebook/Twitter) - should they now vet and edit each entry?
  • Blog site is hosted at a platform provider (e.g. Amazon) - should they be responsible
  • And the list goes on.
  • Now a web cache keeps a copy of the content, a search engine tracks it.

Are we really suggesting that the medium of transfer is responsible and not the producer or editor of the content.