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My mac laptop is obviously BORG !!!

Back Story


So I found some good web sites (XXX) and pulled apart the whole computer, every part I could really, down to but not including the LCD internally and the Logic board. And put it in front of a blow heater for about 24 hours - hot but still able to touch (you don't want to burn/melt the plastic).

Then I put the machine back together and turned it on.

After pulling apart the machine again and checking the switch I plugged it all back in and it all worked? Great, but still had the screen with water in it so very dappled - maybe it is permanent ?

Put back in the battery - DOOH - went off again. So it was not the screen switch, but something to do with the battery or the charging circuit.


So overnight, after a week of pulling apart the computer and drying/cleaning - my last two problems which I thought I could not fix (battery installed causing sleep and damaged LCD) magically fixed itself !

The mac is clearly indestructible !

Apple are known not to repair water damaged macs. Now we know why - they just fix themselves.


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