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Comments on Mac OS X Lion

Although I have been running Mac OS X Lino only for a day, I thought it would be worth making some notes.


OK So now what? I had to put it on another disk, which was a royal pain.

In all other ways the installation went very smoothly, including recovery of users and data from timemachine.

Post installation issues

Most applications and configuration seems to be fine. Listed here are the exceptions I have found so far:

NOTE: Some of these issues may be related to the new disk rather than Lion.

Inverted / Natural Scroll

iPad scroll feels very natural. Push the page up and you see further down the page.

On the desktop though, down is further down. When you press enter and a new lines goes down, if you press Page DOWN or DOWN arrow it goes down.

Natural scrolling therefore feels upside down to everything else you do on the keyboard.

Need to play more, but I believe that this iPad like scroll does not translate to desktop/keyboards.

While on the topic, a touch screen does not translate to a desktop.

Gestures however are great. Just being able to scroll with two fingers is fantastic on any operating system.

Full screen apps

When I use Aperture, iMovie, Final cut pro x - full screen is excellent feature. Normally I don't need to actually go full screen, just maximise one screen (the main one) and use secondary screen option to view a picture or similar.

Making this a standard feature in apps seems like a reasonable idea. The devil is in the details:

So far I can't see me using any of the new full screen apps. However I will try it again on my Macbook Air 11" and re-evaluate.

Full screen Quick time is really annoying - I think it is the slow animation that annoys me the most.


I don't get it? Why would I want to have a big long list of apps. They are hard to manage on iPhone/iPad, but I can't think of a better solution there. On the desktop however we already have better solutions. Built in lists, bilt in folders, fast search, quick silver and more.

Mission control

Still learning this feature. The concept however of spaces and expose together is appealing. Spaces has never been as good as almost any of the unix variants (KDE and Gnome being two that I have used lots), so I find I don't use it much. This may be part of the answer.

Other things

Shortcut to screen sharing

There is really two ways to create a shortcut to screen sharing to specific site.

What I have not worked out yet, is how to start a specific server full screen?

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