Scott Penrose


Scott is an expert software developer with over 30 years experience, specialising in education, automation and remote data.

There are many online forums which I particpate in. There are some good local groups which I think deserve their own mention, so I have included them here.


LUV - Linux Users Victoria

I have been a member of Linux Users Victoria pretty much since it started in ???. I have participated in meetings, given a talk on CGI programming and helped at Install Fests.

LUV Home Page

LUV Programmers SIG

More recently (2002) I have been an active member of the Programmers SIG, in part helping organise it with the current maintainer Graeme Cross.

Programmers SIG Home Page

LUV Embedded

New (end 2003) SIG (Special Interest Group) started to specialise in Embedded Linux Development.

Debian Maintainer

Actually... although I started this I have not completed my initiation. But I plan to start again soon.

Open Source Victoria & Open Source Industry Australia


Melbourne Perl Mongers

I have been a member of Perl Mongers Melbourne for a long time. However this group has been a little shaky and spent a lot of time not doing anything at all.

Fortunately the meetings have started up again this year (2002) and should be very productive.


Comprehensive Perl Archive Network.

My CPAN Directory


  • Gliding Club of Victoria

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