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A page about my MendelMax 1.5 3D Printer.

The Printer

Due to circumstances (work, life, family, everything really) I realised I was not going to have time to build a 3D printer from a kit. I elected to have Trinity Labs build it for me. It was right at the end of their 1.5 production as they are moving to 2.0, so it took some time to build, and then got stuck in customs for even longer ! It arrived safe and in very good condition. It is an excellent build.




One bit of advice. Find a way to keep the URLs of Thingiverse files with your downloads and print pictures. It is hard to go back and match them again when the file name is 1.stl.


An Education

So much to learn...

Sticking to the Print Bed


TODO - Do we need to? What to use? Sewing oil?

Plastic Profiles

Write the flow and temperature you use on each bit of plastic. Mostly I have found the flow fairly static, and temperature different. Worth investing in a permanent pen - just write on the side.

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