Upgraded to the new MobileMe Calendar and have had nothing but trouble !

So far:

  • Recurring Events - BUG
    • On Mac my recurring pay day appears 29th, 12th, 26th
    • On Mobile Me web interface they appear 5th, 19th, 2nd.
  • Can't edit any event with invite - IDENTITY ISSUE
    • All my events with invites appear as someone else
    • This is because I use my personal address scottp@dd.com.au, not mobileme address
  • Can't accept/reject events - BUG & IDENTITY ISSUE
    • This is because people send to me scottp@dd.com.au, not my mobileme address
  • Events not synced - BUG
    • If I get an event on my Laptop it just says OK
    • Clicking OK leaves it on my address book on the laptop
    • The desktop does not show it
    • The web interface does not show it
    • BUT... I still get a reminder email form mobile me saying it is there !
  • Event Invites coming from Mobile Me - IDENTITY ISSUE
    • Again, I want them to come from scottp@dd.com.au !

Other issues:

  • I need to upgrade my wife's Macbook Air - no need to except for this
  • I need to upgrade my old iPhone 3G to 4.2 - speed issues? 4.2 better then 4.0, but why upgrade just for a calendar.

What do I get for the upgrade:

  • Ability to share a calendar with my wife.

That is it... just one feature. I don't use the web interface.

Is there anyway to revert back to the old system?

I have marked things as:

  • BUG
    • Just an outright bug that needs fixing
    • Because I use 'scottp@dd.com.au' most of my issues are because my invites are not to/from my @me.com address (and who would want to use that !!!) I have had my address since the Internet in Australia. Google allows me to use it, why can't Apple?