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Mud Maps is a Melbourne based company who has released a web site for geotiff (raster) maps rendered/managed/downloaded onto an iPad/iPhone with GPS tracking etc.

It is useful particularly for 4x4, hiking and other off road adventures. And areas like where I live (Panton Hill) and where I visit (French Island) which doesn't have maps covering all the trails, tracks, fire access etc.

The app is free, and you get some maps free but then you can purchase others.


But of course, I have issues with it. And I have only been using it for one day:

My Suggestions

The obvious

Map selection

Downloading something like vicmaps is over 800 maps ! These are presented in a flat list in alphabetical order. Not very useful.

Some easy suggestions

And the idea that I think would be best:

The Killer App

iPad and iPhone were definitely the right way to go for this company. But there are new devices coming out now that could be the killer app. For example, the Notion Ink Adam has a PQ Translective screen that can be read outdoors. Imagine then a 4x4, marine, air or other mapping app that can be read in full sunlight.

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