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Scott is an expert software developer with over 30 years experience, specialising in education, automation and remote data.

Panton Hill

Little history of Panton Hill. Each time I talk about government assistance for rural, we get told we are not rural, no assistance. Each time we talk to providers about faster network connections we get told we are rural.... stuck in the middle.

However that did finally change with a new exchange (actually an old one from Warrandyte, moved to Panton Hill) which allowed ADSL1, and in 2011 ADSL2.

Now what about NBN?

Labor vs Coalition's NBN

Generally I have avoided talking about the NBN. It seems expensive; it wasn't going to be done without help; Issues with some of the shared fibre technology chosen; lots of questions.

One issue I did not have was the speed. 100Mbps download and 40Mbps upload. This seems pretty reasonable. I currently have 20Mbps and I have to say that most of the time my bottle neck is not my link, but the service I am using. But it is not the exchange either, usually it is the servers I am using. I know because while waiting for something slow I can move on to something else. You can try this out yourself, find out what mirror service your ISP providers (mine is and I get full speed 20mbps downloads.

BUT there is so much I can't currently do with the internet. Cloud Backup is one. This is mainly because my upload is 1.5Mbps (see Cloud Backup) - so a 30 times increase on upload would allow me to consider backing up some of my data today (still take 8 days to upload 2TB hard disk). That is today, in 5 years it will already be too slow. And I was not planning on cloud backup of my home movies - just because they are too big, and they should be at the top of my list of backups.

So when I hear that the Coalition's NBN is going for 25Mbps now (20% increase for me) and an unknown (but likely very small) upload - I think 100% waste of money. Sure Labors NBN may be wasting some money, but it will deliver something very useful. There was probably better ways, but it will be useful. The Coalition's NBN is a complete waste of money.

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