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In my test servers for Perl Dancer, I can deploy an almost infinite set of versions of the code and have Apache automatically start the FCGI applications and close them as necessary.

Goto root (http://test.../) and I get a list of the installed versions (directories really) then if I click on the directory I see a list of applications (again really directories) this time however they are fast cgi apps - click on those and I have a running Dacner instance - slow to start first time, then ok.

Relative paths for all my code and everything works like a charm.

Now with NodeJS each application requires a dedicated server and port. Even using Fastcgi the Node applications are started and use sockets.

Using node http-proxy it should be possible to achieve the same as above. Generate a directory list of versions. For each version a directory list of applications. Click on an application and execute a Node Instance - even have them shut down with no activity for an hour.

There are other ways to switch versions. How about a cookie. http-proxy can choose the version to execute based on a cookie, allowing you to use absolute urls/paths.

Have a special path - /use/ - or similar where you can see the list of versions and change your cookie.

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