Laptop / $100 Laptop / One Laptop Per Child

Thanks to the OLPC project, I have received an OLPC XO at (LCA). My intention now is to build some hardware interfaces, play with some of the interfaces to that hardware, and document it on the olpc wiki -

What is it?

This is hard to describe on this site.

  • An education tool
  • Created for children of the emerging world
  • Recyclable (special concentration on battery and LCD)
  • Ultra power efficient (7 watt max, 2 watts nominal)
  • High resolution and daylight readable screen
  • Rugged - water resistant, rubber antena
  • Weight: 1.45Kg
  • x86 AMD at 433MHz
  • 256 MB DRam, 1GB Flash
  • 3 USB, Audio out, Audio in, SD card
  • Built in video camera
  • Flexible audio input - volt measurement, pressure, temperature and more
  • Sugar - Environment designed for learning
  • Telepathy - shared activities all the time

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