This article

Says that Apple builds its products to have them replaced year after year, even though they are working.

I laughed at this for a few reasons:

  • Before iPhone my phone was replaced every 2 years. Now is about the same. My iPhone 3G purchased early 2008 was replaced by a 4, late 2010 - so pretty much the same there as before Apple products.
  • Laptops. I replaced my laptop about every 18 months. I am an advanced user. Looking through my last few MacBooks (I tend to by low end these days) it has increased to about every 2 years.
  • MacPro - now this breaks all my previous records. I have never owned a desktop for more than 2 years - but my Mac Pro is 2007 ! That makes it 5 years old this year.
  • iPad - About to buy a iPad Mini, previous was an iPad 1 (early 2010). But I am not replacing this, just adding another device. Technically it is going to the kids.
  • MacMini - On my TV - First one 2007, still runs at my parents house. Second one 2009 still runs our TV (that is 3 years old, full HD no problem).

Not only has my Mac hardware outlasted any PC, Phone and Windows Pocket PC hardware I ever owned, even better, it kept the resale price higher !

So don't believe what you read in the news. Apple has become more popular, and therefore a target.

BTW. My preference on operating systems is still Linux. I use it for workstations, servers, development. One day I hope that Android will be easy to use like iOS. Getting better every year :-)