Scott Penrose

Open SPF Issues

Scott is an expert software developer with over 30 years experience, specialising in education, automation and remote data.

When you first look at Open SPF - - it sounds good.

But it completely breaks in the real word. For years ISPs have been blocking outgoing port 25 - insisting that we use their local SMTP server. They allow us to send relay mail - as they trust our IP, and if we do bad by their server, they will cut off our account.

This system works. I move to a remote location, I just change my SMTP server to point to that ISP. I have a number of them setup in so that it can automatically choose the local ISP. A telstra, Three, Internode and a number of offices exist in my list.

Can I put in every one of their servers into my SPF - NO WAY. I wouldn't even be able to chase them down for every domain, and I can't tell you what other users on the same domain do.

SPF assumes that you either only send email physically on the ISP whos server you use for mail (e.g. if I use an internode email address while on internode) or via web mail.

This rules out me with my laptop, and most of the people I work with.

Until that problem is resolved (I can't see how) SPF should be discouraged.