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Padre - Perl IDE

I have dragged myself, kicking and screaming, into the century of the fruit bat... and I am trying out Padre.

Mac, Linux, Windows

My initial installation problems were many. Here are a few:

So now I have Padre running everywhere. Once it was running, installing plugins etc seem to be very smooth.

Initial impressions from a VI man

Well... you may be surprised, but I like it. It does not mean I will be replacing VI tomorrow, but there may be some uses which are custom made for Padre. Not least of which is better handling of errors, syntax and refactoring !

What don't I like... so far:

As you can see, a pretty short list. I must say I am very impressed. Well done to the team who brought us this product :-)

Keys I expect on Mac OS X

Here are a list of keys I expect to work, which are currently not.

Software error:

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