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I have been using my Mac Mini for over 2 years as a media centre. It has been a very enjoyable experience. It is a first generation intel core duo and has been playing HD and live streaming for years (even over my ADSL 1, albeit 8000 kbs link).

The missing link has always been treating it like a real media centre - large fonts you can read, using a remote control.

My software has been:

Which really requires a keyboard and mouse.

I turned to Boxee after hearing good things from Geek Brief TV. It has been a great pleasure, but there is some pretty basic features missing from it, which you can find on my Boxee page.

Then, thanks to Screencasts Online I looked into Plex.


What I like about Plex

The main complaints

Many of these are done by comparing them with Boxee, or my default setup.

Bad movie matching

My online movie collection is approaching a decade. The movies are all put into folders by Genre, and then just names, such as "Le placard". I search for "Le placard" in the IMDB and it is the first link. But Plex found "The Indian in the cupboard".

My estimate, from a random selection, is that Boxeee got over 90% of my titles matched correctly, while Plex receives a score closer to 60%. Yes that is bad, maybe my collection is a little esoteric. But I am sure they are doing the same source - what is the difference - not sure?

Zero TV matching

Plex requires TV shows to be stored separately. Why? Boxee picked up and organised all my TV shows (90% accuracy at least) and even found all of my obscurely named goodies episodes, e.g. "Comedy/Goodies/Tower of London.mp4" - and it worked out that it was the Goodies and which episode, series etc. Without having to use the complicated SnEn number type format.

Plex on the other hand found it as "Tower of London (1939)" on the IMDB.

Missing Social - recommendations etc

I love seeing what my family have been watching, letting them see what new stuff I watched, so we can share. Getting and sending recommendations. That is a very nice feature of Boxee that is missing from Plex.

Missing History

It is great being able to see the last few shows I watched. This is really linked into the social list above (functionally anyway). It is missing from Plex.


I can't speak for why, but the performance is just not as quick as Boxee. Maybe because of all the extra features Plex has :-).

Usability - POOR !

This is by far the number one. I can't say how much I hate the interface. Boxee requires no knowledge to use. I give it to my mum & dad, and they use it without any training. Having menu go back, and play go forward - logical. Always being able to get to the top level menu with the left arrow. No long hold buttons required.

Plex on the other hand, I still can't work out fully. I have had to lookup how to get into functions on the net 3 times.

And it is not just the remote control. A classic example of bad design is the Preferences... there is a list:

When building an interface for a remote think about how a DVD works. You move around the screen with the arrows, you click Play to get into something, and menu to go back - that is how these interfaces should be done. Always keep moving right. The pop out on the right for changing sort order etc is fine, but not the preferences.

What I really dislike about BOTH

Applications !

It seems to me that the majority of the applications are written to distribute a single RSS feed. Why can't I just add an RSS feed, like I do in iTunes or Miro. Boxee has added an experimental feature to add RSS feeds via their online web interface, which is a little annoying, but at least I can add some (the support is pretty limited though). Why is it these new applications have taken such a huge step backwards. Even iTunes, a commercial application that wants you to use their central store, allows for it.

Universal Removes

I have an old, but good one, and I can't work out how to get it to record long holds on the buttons. Boxee does not really require any long holds, so it is not a big pain there, but Plex requires the menu button all the time.

DRM content from iTunes

I love open source, I would love to promote the use of DRM free content, but the reality is that I own DRM content. I can understand Boxee not supporting DRM content, but Plex is built for mac, so it can embed Quick time.


Plex is beautiful. It has a high number of important features I want out of a media centre (and missing from Boxee). The search, list by genre is good (although a little slow on my collection - 1000+ movies). But even with all the beautiful interfaces and features I want, I really much prefer using Boxee. Boxee is faster, easier to use, has nicer matching on titles and social features. While Plex has search, group by genre (and actor, directory etc), resume and very pretty backgrounds.

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