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How important is it that we reduce Pollution... Important right !

So, how important is it that we know what to reduce. We want to make the biggest impact right !

Well I am sick of reading misleading statistics.


I have read twice in the last week that mowers produce between 5% and 10% of all pollution in the US.

That is a big statement. 5% to 10% - you could reduce most of that fairly simply.

Where are these statistics coming from? Apparently the EPA study. It is hard to find, but in the end I found this reference: and then

In summary - Petrol is only 10% of CO2 emissions. Coal, Electricity production, Natural Gas - these are much higher. And if you read the report above, it actually says that mowers are 5 to 10% of the mobile emissions. Reading between the lines therefore we are talking about 5% of 10%, or 0.5%

This highlights the problem with stats. I can't even confirm the numbers above.

One thing that would help. Don't just quote something like "The EPA says that mowers produce 5% of US air pollution" without a reference. Because then at least someone can read that it means something more specific.

BTW... I am replacing one of my mowers with an electric one, the other is a ride on mower and too much area to cover with electric.