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My working rates are dependent on the job I am doing, type of work, how long the contract lasts, etc.

I am able to quote for work, or quote a rate for your job, otherwise refer to the following:

All prices are quoted in Australian dollars and do not include GST. My work is done through my company Rainbow House Development and incur GST.

Standby Time

More often lately I have been asked to be on stand by. Obviously this is not free, since I would have to turn down other work. But there is a discount.

Per Day, Per Hour, Per Minute

Short term consulting I charge down to per hour. For longer term consulting I do a per day charge, but will charge down to a half day. Many organisation will charge on far smaller amounts, per minute, per 5 or 6 or 7 or 10 minutes. I don 't do this because my brain is always on and working on projects. At breakfast I have my note book and sketch ideas. On the train or in the car I work on my laptop. I can't charge the same rate per hour on the train as I can in a quiet office - but I can't very well charge different rates for each. So my time is on a larger scale and I always work longer than I charge for. See In head development for an example.

Hire of a team

Consulting is almost always just with me. However I have a team of experts that I call upon because I can't be an expert in everything. Most of the time these experts only need to give me between 10 minutes and an hour and that effort is absorbed into my fee. If I think more is required I will inform my customer first.

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