Scott Penrose


Scott is an expert software developer with over 30 years experience, specialising in education, automation and remote data.

My working rates depend on the job I am doing, type of work, how long the contract lasts, etc.


  • Short term - $185/hr (+GST if applicable)
  • Longer term - $170/hr (+GST if applicable)
  • Longer term Daily (if approved in advance) $1200 (+GST if applicable)

Hourly rates and fixed prices for projects may be negotiated.

All prices are quoted in Australian dollars and do not include GST. All work is through the company Rainbow House Development, trading as Digital Dimensions and Digital Rainbow and incur GST.

Tools and equipment

Onsite generally I will only bring my laptop and minimal equipment and need the use of a HDMI screen. My office however has a very large array of computer equipment (large disk arrays, networking, high speed computers), electronics equipment (power supplies, oscilloscopes, logic analysers), prototype equipment (embedded CPUs, soldering), mechanical and electrical manufacturing equipment (including but not limited to: mechanical lathe, mig welder, surface mount ovens). Use of equipment by my self or team is included in my price.

Per unit of time

Short term consulting I charge down to per hour. For longer term consulting I do a per day charge, but will charge down to a half day. Many organisation will charge on far smaller amounts, per minute, per 5 or 6 or 7 or 10 minutes. I don 't do this because my brain is always on and working on projects. At breakfast I have my note book and sketch ideas. On the train or in the car I work on my laptop. I can't charge the same rate per hour on the train as I can in a quiet office - but I can't very well charge different rates for each. So my time is on a larger scale and I always work longer than I charge for. See In head development for an example.

Hire of a team

I am the primary consultant and I have a team of experts that I call upon when necessary. If I think significant time is required, I will inform my customer first.

Standby Time

Standby time can be negotiated.

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