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S5 - Simple Standards-based Slide Show System

NOTE 2011

I went to a talk at OSDC 2011 which talked about Google Html 5 Slides - and it looked like a very good system.

One down side I noticed - no split screens. The S5 system I used allowed you to open two windows - one with your presentation, the other with you notes, a timer etc.

What Is S5?

  • It's a Simple Standards-based Slide Show System
  • One XHTML document provides all of the slide show's content
  • CSS handles the layout and look of the slides
  • JavaScript handles the dynamic aspects of the show
  • That's all there is to it!


  • It has two screen support (demo)
  • It uses the keyboard for navigation (page up/down, left/rigth arrow etc)
  • You can jump to a page by typing the number
  • One document for notes, talk and printed material (demo)
  • And it supports the basic features you want in a slide show e.g.:
  • Incremental display on a page

The format

  • Start with a set of Bullets
  • Break them up by page (using a div)
  • Add in the necessary headers and a couple of class tags
  • Load time - including load of Safari - less than 1 second

What would I change

  • Notes screen is missing preview - this is essential for presentations
  • A little hard to stylise - unless you're a CSS wiz


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