Scott Penrose

Safari Feed

Scott is an expert software developer with over 30 years experience, specialising in education, automation and remote data.

Safari 4 is an impressive browser. It is fast and reliable and has pretty good features. It still can't replace Firefox for development or compatibility - but it is an excellent second browser. I use it for all my standard browsing. I use Firefox for development and applications (like email and bank accounts).

But "feed://" SUCKS ! What were they thinking ! How could Apple be so stupid as to change the meaning of the "protocol" section of a URI into a file format.

Why don't they change my demo.jpg url into jpg: or any other variously silly examples which are just as ridiculous.

Now to be fair, they didn't start it. mailto: is another silly idea - but at least it is standard and on all browser and has no down side.

But feed: does have problems. What if I wanted to get a feed from an FTP site. ftp://.../file.xml ? Well you can't!

What happens if I want to copy and paste the URL to someone else - or even from Safari to Firefox or to [[Miro?]] (another great cross platform product).

It is stupid and damaging - it really needs to be fixed.