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Notes on SimpleDB

While using Amazon Simple DB I have run into some issues which required quite a lot of digging to resolve. I have listed them here.


  • Amazon::SimpleDB - seems very incomplete on CPAN
  • Amazon::SimpleDB - same name, but different implementation on Amazon site, works but difficult to use.
  • DBD::SimpleDB - registered name on CPAN, but no implementation

Conclusion: Amazon SimpleDB seems to be not very well supported on Perl. There is a lot of examples that are in Perl, most of which do it very low level. This is fine for a command line interface, or monitoring, or a utility, but not as a general API for DB access.

UPDATE I have discovered CPAN "SimpleDB::Client" and "SimpleDB::Class" - that may be the answer to my problems. Will get back to you.

TODO: Work out best Perl API/system to use.

Complex Attributes

  • SimpleDB allows attributes names to be almost any UTF-8 data, just like the values.
  • How to you use these in a "select" by using a ` (back-tick) around those.
  • Normal quoting of a ' (single quote) is used for values

Misc notes

  • You can't type "SELECT" you must do "select" - the SQL seems to be case sensitive
  • Order by clause can only be a single attribute
  • A "like" in the "where" must contain at least one "%" or it will error

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