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TODO - Notes on Subversion

Mac Subversion for Amanda

I have spent some time reviewing how Amanda can use Subversion from multiple Mac and Windows machines and her web site...


Amanda's web site is updated by Subversion. A CGI is executed to run "svn update; svn status" so she can see the changes. This could be done by pointing to a branch or just about anything.

Then she maintains her SVN current by using WebDAV through Apache.

Better Ideas

There are basically three ways to go:

  • Manual copy (your old way)
    • Have to remember what you renamed and deleted
    • Risky
    • No real control of versions etc
  • Subversion Command Line
    • Hard to learn
    • If you update when you have deleted local files, they will come back
    • Rename and delete MUST be done with the command line tool (this is true of GUI too, but easier).
  • Subversion Mounted (i.e. just having amanda available)
    • Issues with performance
    • No local copy (local copy is good for extra backup)
    • Crashes
    • Not available offline or on slow internet links
    • Every save becomes a new version - this is not so bad with HTML but is a problem with binary formats like graphics. E.g. Your repository is 24GB (which is fine, but big)
  • Subversion via GUI
  • RSYNC Local copy to Subversion Mounted
    • Keep a copy locally and then use rsync to update the remote version
    • Requires a quick command line script (although not that hard)
    • Requires you know where you are up to, e.g. which is the current up to date copy
    • Dangerous - either you may have folders removed locally or remotely OR you will not get delete support, and old files will keep coming back
    • But will work... well... in principle... assuming everything is done right...

  • Setup