Scott Penrose


Scott is an expert software developer with over 30 years experience, specialising in education, automation and remote data.

Stuff for me to do on this web site.

  • Fix formatting - especially the nowiki style - needs to look much nicer. (mostly done)
  • Photography section (mostly done)
    • Instrument1 style of adding photo directories
    • But get Zaltana gallery working
  • Tags vs Categories
    • They are probably the same thing
    • Add Tag Cloud view to Categories
    • Find related articles to here you are by:
      • Most matched Categories down to singles
      • If 3 categories then match all 3, then any 2 then any 1
      • Display in sidebar - What's related
  • Chat - 3rd party site (complete)
  • Page Metadata
    • Last modified date/time
  • Search
    • Finish Lucene search plugin
      • Consider using that for the Category/Tag system
      • Allowing multiple selects - e.g.HowTo & Perl
    • Add OpenSearch auto discovery etc
  • RSS Feeds
    • Add links to add feed to certain systems
  • Social Bookmarks
    • Part of Comments
    • But some form of links - at least top 10
  • Code
    • Support for Perl6 syntax highlight
    • Download code - a button to copy/past code to clipboard (Javascript & CSS/Graphic)

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